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Portable Urinals

Portable urinals are a great option to consider for events with a larger numbers of guests. They can easily reduce the need for men to queue for event loos and are ideal for sports events and festivals, where there are large crowds. At Dr Loo we have been offering portable urinals for several years now, and understand the importance of a hygiene.

For Maximum Hygiene Choose Dr Loos Portable Urinals

All of our portable urinals are kept to a high level of cleanliness, to ensure maximum hygiene for all of your guests. Our portable urinals are also fitted with hand washing facilities. This makes our portable urinals an excellent option for large weddings and sporting events.

We offer fence mounted urinal also. These are good for large crowds and can be joined together up to 5 in one run and the fluid is drained into either a sewer or holding tank.

Our portable urinals are available to hire for any event. They feature a privacy barrier in place of a door, plenty of internal space for event guests and an external holding tank. This means our portable urinals can be emptied while the unit is still in use.

Quality Portable Urinals

If you are in need of portable urinals then you needn't look any further than the professionals here at Dr Loo. We understand the importance of a hygienic restroom, to ensure we deliver nothing but the best to all of our customers.

If you would like more information about the portable urinals that we provide, then contact us today and speak to one of team on the number shown below. We look forward to hearing from you!