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Honey Wagon Hire

Honey wagon hire is specifically designed for the TV and film industry. If you are seeking high quality honey wagon hire, then you have come to the right place.

Our luxury honey wagons are a significant upgrade form the standard portable loo hire that you usually come across. They offer extra room and flushing porcelain toilets with hand washing facilities. We also provide hand towels and soap dispensers; to ensure complete comfort with every visit. We understand the demand for high quality honey wagon hire, so ensure to offer nothing short of the best.

Offering The Complete Honey Wagon Hire Package

We deliver and collect honey wagons that are for hire to any location in the UK, at the time and date needed. This is to ensure our clients can proceed with filming without any disturbances. When it comes to honey wagon hire, we come second to none.

All honey wagons are kept to a high standard of cleanliness and are hired out with running water, hand sanitizer and toilet roll for your convenience and hygiene purposes. Whether you require singular and multiple blocks we have the ideal honey wagon hire for you.

Contact us To Order Honey Wagon Hire

Furthermore we also ensure to keep the cost of honey wagon hire at highly competitive rates. So why wait any longer?! Contact our team here at 'Dr Loo' on 07813 779 801 for more information and advice.

Honey wagon Hire