Portable Showers in Carlinghow

Portable showers in Carlinghow are one of the many services provided by Dr Loo. They offer a convenient and hygienic way of showering when on camping grounds in Carlinghow, at festivals, construction sites, beaches and any other situations where a hot clean shower may not be available. Our portable showers in Carlinghow can be positioned almost anywhere and do not need any special facilities to work.

Our portable showers in Carlinghow come with attendants to ensure there is always somebody available to help you.

Furthermore our portable showers in Carlinghow come with the choice of having single portable shower units or larger shower units, all of which come with hot running water and locks. They also work on a pay per shower basis.

When it comes to portable showers in Carlinghow we know our stuff. We ensure that all portable showers are powered by using a 13A/24oV power supply and also have 14 shower units that are gas powered.

Hygienic Portable Showers

Hygiene is the important objective to think is why we ensure that all of our portable showers in Carlinghow are maintained to the highest quality of cleanliness.

If you are interested in using Dr loo's portable shower service in Carlinghow or have any questions then please call today!

Portable Shower