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Shower Trailers in Lancashire

Shower trailers in Lancashire - at Dr Loo. We have been providing shower trailers in Lancashire for a number of years and aim to provide our clients with the best in hygiene and customer service. Our shower trailers are mounted onto a frame, and then secured together with the other units for easy handling, sitting, installation and transportation.

High Quality Shower Trailers in Lancashire

Our shower trailers in Lancashire are available in both standard and are self-plumbed. Not only that, but all of our shower trailers in Lancashire come with cubicles and hot water. We also offer singular shower trailers in Lancashire, as well as trailers containing blocks of showers.

At Dr Loo our shower trailers in Lancashire are becoming more and more in demand. They are aimed at events where an overnight stay is be necessary e.g. sporting events, festivals, camp sites and caravan parks. Regardless of the event, Dr Loo is the company that can cater for all of your shower trailer needs.

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All of our shower trailers in Lancashire are steam cleaned prior to arrival. This is to ensure ultimate hygiene levels. Furthermore, by hiring our shower trailers in Lancashire over a long period of time, Dr Loo will regularly service, disinfect and completely cleanse them for you.

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